The catalyst for this site was a number of conversations I’ve had with some smart designers and developers and my personal interest in Free and Open Source software (F/OSS). I think the design community could benefit from the lessons learned by F/OSS development.

The topic then turned into a session I gave at BlendConf 2013. The session was recorded and I’ll post the video when it is available (which will be in about 60 days).

The goal of this site is 3 fold:

  1. Showcase people practicing good open design methods
  2. Inform designers how they can be more open in their design process
  3. Be an example of an open source design project from the start

In the spirit of part 3 - this is the beginning. I’ve only done the minimal amout of design/code to make this post, and to post the manifesto.

I’d love to find some contributors to add to the project. Feel free to ping me on twitter. Also, if you have any issues with the site or project in general, feel free to post comments on Github Issues.