Open Design is excited to announce that we have been invited to participate in Facebook’s Open Academy Program and we now have 5 university students contributing some of their time this semester to the Open Design project.

picture of students working

I’m pleased to introduce David Wei, Elaine Hwang, and Kevin Ngo from UCSD, as well as Becca Hallac and Sacha Best from UPENN as our newest contributors. They have decided to tackle the Open Design job board. Chris Moody and I had the pleasure of participating in an initial orientation and project sprint with them in person at Facebook’s headquarters earlier this month, and they are fantastic.

2014 Group

We're trying to give these talented students the best open source experience we can. Please jump in to review their design, code, and/or content. [File issues]( and join the discussion to help mentor these remarkable students.

picture of students working

About Facebook Open Academy

Open source is a huge part of Facebook engineering. We also believe that contributing to open source projects is one of the best ways a student can prepare for a job in the industry. Open Academy is a program designed to provide a practical, applied software engineering experience as part of a university student’s CS education.

Source: Facebook