Someone in the IRC1 asked how they could contribute and what our roadmap is. I thought I would lay out a few places where anyone could jump in if they wanted to help out.

Authors Wanted

Feel free to write about anything related to open source and design and how designers can get involved. Areus Wade wrote a great post on how to contribute a post to the blog.

If you need a place to start we have a running list of topics in the github issues. You can add any new ideas, or pick one of the following:

    Designers Wanted

    This is a site about open design, and has a definite lack of design going on here. The easiest way to jump in is to comment in the design discussions:

      If you want to do some actual design, you could create a custom design for any post that doesn’t have one (another list on Github Issues):

        You can do any part of it: just visual design, or actual coding. One post at least has been done and I plan to put together a tutorial on how to create a custom layout, but until then feel free to take a look at the source code as an example.

        The idea is each post should be unique, so there is no style guide to follow; make your own.

        Resource Seekers Wanted

        Sorry, resource seeker sounds lame, but I couldn’t think of a more elegant want to put it. We have a running list of resources and examples of open design. Feel free to tweet @designopen if you have anything you’d like to add.

        1. Our IRC channel is #opensourcedesign on Freenode